Terms & Conditions

General Terms &Conditions

1. General information
1.1. The Tour Operatoris“XENODOCHEIAKAI -TOURISTIKAI EPICHEIRISEIS VASILEIOU GKIONI S.A.” (HOTEL AND TOURIST ENTERPRISES VASILEIOU GKIONI S.A.)and the distinctive title “Sea Sun Holidays”, established under the laws of Greece and headquartered at 35 Chalkokondyli Street, Athens, 10432, with the Greek Tax Identification Number 094044623.

1.2. These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Greek law and any disputes hereunder shall be resolved by the courts of Athens.

2. Definitions
2.1. “Tour Operator” means an organizer of excursionsand an intermediary for the bookingof third partyservices, the offer of which is available on its official website www.seasunholidays.gr and which is offered to participants
2.2. “Customer” means a person who orders excursions and third parties services from the Tour Operator, with whom a Contract is concluded.
2.3. “Participant” means a Customer, as well as the other people participating in theexcursions or using the services of third parties ordered by the Customer
2.4. “Tour Leader” tour leader means a person who implements the tour program on behalf of the Tour Operator
2.5. “Excursion” means a set of services consisting of bus and/or ship transport, tour guide care and other services described in the offer
2.6. “Official website” means the website of the Tour Operator available at www.seasunholidays.com
2.7. “Contract” means an agreement between the Tour Operator and a Participant for the provision of excursions and the third part services to them. A Contract consists of:
• the presentGeneral Terms & Conditions;
• the details contained in the relevant Confirmation of reservation;
• thePrivacy Policy.
2.8. “Third Parties” means external companies that provide their services toCustomer and Participant such aswater sports, massages, air sports etc.
2.9. “Booking system”means a software available at the official website that enables the Customer to book a trip or send an inquiry regarding the third-party services.
2.10. “Confirmation of reservation” means the written acceptance by the Tour operator of aCustomer’sreservation request, which determines the following details: prices, rates, date of the excursion/ service, number of Guests (adults, children up to 11,99 years old), pick- up time, cancellation rights
2.11. “Privacy Policy” means the Tour Operator’s notice describinghow the Tour operator processesParticipant’s personal dataand how it applies data protection principles in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

3. Services provided and obligations of the Tour Operator
3.1. The Tour Operatorprovides excursions and facilitates the reservations of third party services indicated on its official websitewww.seasunholidays.gr
3.2. The Tour Operator only organizes the excursions indicated in the “excursions” section on its official website. Third-party services are indicated in the “sport &leisure” section on the official website.
3.3. The Tour Operator is not liable in any way for services provided by Third Parties and its role is limited only to arranging dates for the provision of services (reservation). The Tour Operator has no control over the Third Parties, which are independent companies. A Customer may use Third-Party services at their own discretion and risk.
3.4. Certain services provided by the Tour Operator or by Third Parties may be unavailable during certain periods. Before making a booking of excursions or third part services, The Customershould confirm their availability and prices by contacting the Tour Operator by phone, e-mail or the bookingsystem
3.5. The Tour Operator is obliged to implementation of the tour program and provide a coach,a minbusor a car with an appropriate number of seats for the number of participants, a tour leader with specialist knowledge, a licensed local guide if required, reservation of entry tickets if required, ship tickets in the case of cruises.
3.6. The Tour Operator is obliged to pick up and drop off the Customer and theParticipants at the places indicated in the booking confirmation.
3.7. The Tour Operator is obliged to make every effort to pick up the Client and the Participants from the meeting point on time
3.8. The Tour Operator and the Tour Leader employed by him are obliged to inform Customers and Participants about the meeting times and places.
3.9. The Tour Operatoris obliged to comply with health and safety regulations during theexcursions, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

4. Reservations
4.1. Reservations can be made:
• via its officialwebsite:www.seasunholidays.gr,where excursions are available in the “excursions” section and third-party services in the “active & leisure” section
• by e-mail: info@seasunholidays.gr
• by phone: +302235022190
4.2. Reservations can only be made by persons who are at least eighteen (18) years old on the day of making the reservation.
4.3. The Customer is obliged to provide their personal and contact details indicated in the reservation process. This personal data must match the data on the Customer’s ID card or passport. The Customer is obliged to update contact details if they change. Failure to notify the Hotel about changes may result in failure to provide important information. In such a case, the Customer waives the right to notifications.
4.4. The reservation made by the Customer should be considered confirmed upon receipt of a written Confirmation of reservation to the e-mail address provided in the reservation process.

5. Payment terms
5.1. The payments for Third- Part services is made to the service provider on the day the service is provided.
5.2. Payment for “excursions” can be made:
• during the booking process on the website www.seasunholidays.gr via online payment
• in cash at the reception of the Sissy Hotel, Ippokratus Street 41, Kamena Voula, in advance up to 24 hours before the start of the tour.
• advance and partial payments are not accepted
5.3. Receipts are issued by the Tour Operator for all payments made for the excursions. Customers who, instead of a receipt, wish to get an invoice (intended for official submission to the tax authorities), shall notify the Tour Operatorat the time of making the reservation, or, the latest, at the day of the excursion, but before its start, by e-mail to info@seasunholidays.gr, indicating the reservation number and the name of the Client.

6. Cancelation & modification policy
6.1. The customer may cancel or change the date of Third-Party services free of charge up to 12 hours before their implementation, after informing the Tour Operator.
6.2. The client may cancel the excursion or change its date free of charge up to 24 hours before its start by contacting the Tour Operator. A change or cancellation within a shorter period than indicated above will incur a cost of 100% of the value of the booked excursion. The cancellation is considered effective when a written statement is sent to the e-mail address info@seasunholidays.gr, setting out the Customer’s decision to cancel their reservation and specifying their name, date of the excursion or Third- Part service and reservation number.
6.3. A Customer wishing to change the date of the excursion or Third- Part service, must contact the Tour Operatorby e-mail atinfo@seasunholidays.gr or by phone at +302235022190. The modification is considered effective when the Customer receives written confirmation thereof and they pay any resulting price difference.
6.4. The Tour Operator holds the right to cancel a reservation if the reservation price is not paid within the deadline indicated in the reservation process and in these Terms and Conditions.
6.5. The Tour Operatoralso holds the right to cancel a reservation if the Customer provided false personal and contact details during the reservation process or if the Tour Operatorsuspects that the Guests may disturb the operation of the Tour Operator, negatively affect its image or threaten the safety of other Guests and Tour Operatorstaff.
6.6. Tour Operator has the right to cancel the tour up to 12 hours before its start if the number of participants is less than 40 people. In such a case, the Customer receives a refund of all funds paid within 5 business days from the date of cancellation.
6.7. The Tour Operator has the right to cancel the tour if weather conditions make it impossible or pose, in its opinion, a threat to the health and life of the Customer and Participants.
6.8. In each case of cancellation by the Tour Operator, the Customer will be informed by e-mail or telephone about this fact.

7. Participants’ obligations
7.1. Participantsare obliged to comply with generally accepted standards of personal manners, especially by avoiding loud behavior that may disturb other guests and by not insulting other guests and the Tour Operator staff.
7.2. The Customer and Participants are obliged to arrive at the meeting point at the time indicated on the booking confirmation. In case of delay, the Tour Operator is not obliged to wait for the Customer and/or Participants.
7.3. The Customer and Participants are obliged to follow the instructions given by the Tour Leader during the tour, in particular arriving at the meeting point on time. If the Customer or Participants are late at the meeting point, the tour Operator is not obliged to wait.
7.4. The Customer and Participants are required to have accident insurance or a European health card valid during the trip.Tour Operator does not provide insurance brokerage services, but recommends purchasing additional insurance, especially for people participating in mountain and bicycle trips, as well as air and water sports.

8. Privacy Policy
All issues related to the processing of Customers’ and Guests’ personal data are described in the Privacy Policy.

9. Force majeure and circumstances not attributable to the Hotel
The Tour Operatoraccepts no liability and shall not pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by force majeure or any circumstances not attributable to the Tour Operator. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, flood, earthquake, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, other acts of God, acts of terrorism, strikes, fire or failure of electric power, water, communications or other utility services, machinery, computers, vehicles, any collapse of building structures, unforeseen legislative developments hindering the performance of the Tour Operator’s obligations, as well as the occurrence of epidemics like COVID-19 or any other infectious disease that may or may not lead to the simultaneous implementation of public health protective measures.

10. Good faith negotiation
The Tour Operatorand Customer shall negotiate in good faith to resolve any problems arising in connection with their Contract that cannot be resolved under its terms.