The only skydiving center in sunny and warm Greece which operates all year round flying a 18seated turbine aircraft to 14000ft (4200m) in only 10 minutes.

The nice setup and ambient facilities provides a relaxed but professional environment and invites our guests to spend many hours and days with us. We like you to compare us with other big European skydiving centers and we can proudly say that we meet all the European standards.

Our strive for constant development and our desire to offer the best quality and service to our customers has already establish our brand in the market as the best and place to be if you want to go skydiving.

What we offer One of the main activities is the tandem jump with the instructor. Making a tandem jump is the easiest way to experience the thrill of skydiving. The passenger will exit the plane at an altitude of 14000 ft. or 8000 ft. while safely attached to our experienced tandem master with a special harness.

The passenger will experience terminal velocity at around 125 mph (almost 200 km/h) on their first jump for up to a minute before the instructor will deploy the parachute. They will fly with the instructor under canopy for another 5-7 breathtaking minutes of their life before landing safely on the grassy landing area of the Drop Zone of Skydive centre.

Compared to other beginner courses, the passenger has the key advantage of discovering the experience in less time because they have a qualified instructor harnessed to them during the jump. The instructor himself has more than thousands of jumps and will guide them through this skydive. In addition, they will have the chance to explore the freedom of free fall without concentrating on any responsibilities.

The passenger can look around the beautiful scenery that we have surrounded by sea, lakes, mountains and valleys while smiling at the video. There is no age limit for the tandem skydive We have had people as old as 80 and as young as seven, skydive with us. If the passenger is under 18 years of age, they will need a parent or guardian to sign the consent form on their behalf. Young children are assessed on a case-by-case basis. It will depend on whether they can fit properly into the harness.

The entire process takes maximum two hours from the time the passenger will arrive at the drop zone to complete their skydive. The booking time we give is the arrival time and not the time that the passenger will board the plane. We always aim to have customers on the plane as soon as possible!

We can service 6 customers at the same time having them all together in the same plane ride everybody accompanied together with their instructor.

  • Large and grassy landing area
  • Most experienced instructors
  • Turbine 18 seated aircraft and fast climbing time
  • Maximum Exit altitude 14000ft (4200m)
  • Good weather and operation all year round
  • Easy to reach (highway access) 
  • Latest equipment perfectly maintained -
  • Departure viewers and sound system throughout the DZ 
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