Offroad - Thermopylae

Kamena Vourla

Guide to Thermopylae and the statue of Leonidas. Visiting the interactive museum and learn all about the battle between Greeks versus Persians, see the naval battle of Artemision and learn the causes of the Wars between Greeks and Persians.

Offroad 4Χ4 adventures through Kallidromo, discover hidden lakes, finding wild horses, watching wild birds. Visiting old castle and bridges. We play archery, we do picnic near the lakes and river Sperhios, we do kayak.

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Offroad - Lake Kremaston

Karpenissi – Helidona

We kick off from Karpenissi and turn right heading for the historical village of Koryschades, and taking a dirt track pass through the old Mikro Horio, a village covered by a landslide, and continue on our course to the Potamia area. On arriving at Fidakia village, take the chance to savour the panoramic view of Lake Kremaston. The trip includes crossing Mt. Helidonas which stands at 1,172 m.

Duration: 3 hours | 50 % tarmacked road, 50 % dirt track | Total distance covered: 80 km

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Offroad - Panta Vrechi


We kick by jeep from Karpenissi heading for the village of Megalo Chorio. From there following the dirt track that leads through dense fir forest we reach the foothills of Mt. Kaliakoudas, near the mountaineering shelter at an altitude of 1,800 m. From there we head down to the village of Doliana taking the forest road. Following a small, riverside path we reach one of nature's miracles known as Panta Vrechi, with its towering waterfalls, the Roska rope bridge and the Krikelopotamos River with its deeply carved banks.

Duration: 6 hours | 30% tarmacked road, 70% dirt track | Total distance covered: 64 km

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