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Skiathos Island

Skiathos is the most popular of the Sporades, the islands to the East of Volos and North of Evia. Skiathos is blessed with beautiful beaches including Koukounaries rated the 7th Best beach in the World. With abundant nightlife, especially in the summer, Skiathos is the Mykonos of the Sporades. Those who are searching for the island featured in Mamma Mia, may not find it in Skiathos, but still you probably won’t leave disappointed. Skiathos is one of the most beautiful islands in GREECE.


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The Greek Seychelles

You will find it… in the north Euboean bay, in Lichas islands opposite to the cape Kineon of north Euboea where the past meets the present…

Where the sea affectionally surrounds the “ Lichas Islands” created by the poor king Lichas` dismembered body.

According to the legend, Hercules, deep in pain and anger because of the poisoned coat that his jealous wife Diianira send to him with Lichas, grabbed Lichas and threw him violently at the sea.

We can sail round the “Strongili” island where the light house -marines` sleepless guardian- Is found, as well as the ruins of the 12th century Monastery of Saint
Grigoris the Mirovlitis.

Sailing … we can admire the biggest of the Lichas islands named “Magnolia” and is exactly this “sailing” persuading us that a volcano was “responsible”
for appearing of Lichas islands probably 5.000 years ago.

On the west of the island you can pay a very impressive visit to the shipwreck! It is about a Greek ship which – under German occupation in 1943 – was shank because of the reefs.

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